Welcome to the Dog Biz Collective Membership

If you’ve just started your dog training business or hit a bit of a wall when it comes to your current business set-up then this might just be what you need to read right now.

Let me tell you a story …

Back in 2019...

...dog trainers were happily going about their days working with their clients face to face, running group classes and having a jolly old time. Everything was awesome. Everything was grand … and then … dun, dun, dun …

A fucking worldwide pandemic hit and we were all confined to our homes.

And then … and here’s the kicker … everyone thought getting a dog would be the perfect idea to keep themselves company while trapped inside their own homes. But … and here’s where it gets even more interesting …

Those dogs were also trapped inside homes. They didn’t have access to proper training. They didn’t have the ability to socialise with other dogs as young puppies. They didn’t learn to be alone at home away from their owners because their owners were always there with them. They developed behavioural problems and their owners didn’t know how the hell to handle them, and we know how badly that ends for so many dogs.

Not only that, but business owners such as dog groomers and dog walkers turned to online training to become dog trainers. Bad business coaches were born and started taking advantage of people who wanted to start up their own businesses from home.

Then, once the pandemic started to ease and we could run free again, the damage to the dog training industry had already begun because new dog trainers thought that the sudden peak in clients coming to them for help with their unruly canines was the norm … But it’s not!

Add in the societal struggles that exist in so many places, cost of living crisis all around the world, people's capacities at an all time low just dealing with the state of our world and systems. Now, there’s been a massive financial dip in the industry and it’s struggling to recover.

Hundreds of thousands of dog owners need help training their dogs, but now, either dog trainers drop their rates and have to work with shitty clients they don’t want, or they refuse to raise them for fear of pushing new clients away. So, it's harder to make money.

This is the issue! The dog training industry is on fire … and not in a good way.

The pandemic has seen the rise of bad coaches and trainers with sleazy marketing techniques and this has affected dog trainers and their businesses.

The dog training industry has changed massively over the last five years. Now, it’s much harder to start, build and sustain a successful dog training business. But, just because it’s harder now, it doesn’t mean you CAN’T start, build and sustain a successful business. You just need to have the right tools and confidence and knowledge to take the leap.

I’m not trying to scare you and I’m not trying to change your mind about setting up or continuing to run your dog training business. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I want to help you.

If anything I’ve spoken about above has resonated with you or you’re intrigued to learn more then keep reading.

I've been a dog trainer for 15 years. I’ve seen dog trainers struggling. I’ve struggled myself! I’ve made myself sick over trying to get to grips with all the shit that no one tells you about when you decided to take the giant leap and start your own business. In my eyes, the main issues dog trainers face when it comes to starting or growing their business are:



A lack of understanding when it comes to marketing, i.e. how you should be marketing yourself, where you should be doing your marketing and how the fuck you go about marketing yourself without coming across as sleazy or annoying while also not having to spend a billion hours a day on social media.


Working with the right clients

Constantly worrying about where your next client is going to come from (they don’t grow on trees!) Or, constantly working with shitty clients because you can’t afford not to take them on and are worried about saying no in case they go running off and tell everyone that you turned them away.


Your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

Feeling like you’re not good enough to put yourself out there (spoiler alert: YOU ARE) and comparing yourself constantly to others in the business who may be doing better than you even though you know they’ve been in the business longer.



Working day in and day out and still not having the money or the time to be able to do things outside of your own business and worrying about your next paycheck and whether you’ll have enough money to pay the mortgage or all that extra business stuff you didn’t realize you had to invest in.


Where to get help?

Confused about the whole dog training industry and where to even start wading through it, so you’ve thought about a coach who could help you navigate the minefield, but your bank account says “absolutely fucking not … unless you don’t want to eat for the next two months”.

This was me! But, you know what? This doesn’t have to be you anymore.

You’re in the right place. Fear not.

You don’t have to press back on your browser or phone or whatever. Rest assured, if any of that sounds like you then keep reading because this might just change your life and business.

Dog Biz Collective Membership

I was a dog trainer for a 15 years and while I loved to work with my own clients and their dogs, I found that I love helping other dog trainers to get out of their comfort zone, push their boundaries, make more money, have more free time and continue to do the thing that they love even more, and I'm really fucking good at it. And I also know that not all trainers are in a position to work privately with me in my 12 month programs yet.

So, I’ve created this membership for dog trainers like you because I got tired of watching trainers attempt to bridge the gap between finance and time. I saw them working all hours of the day, trying to make enough money and coming out the other side both mentally and physically exhausted, or struggling to get to grips with the new system of online training and technology.

Trust me, I’ve been there myself. My laptop almost went hurtling out the window on many occasions. Therefore, I’ve created a membership that’s designed to suit every dog trainer no matter your budget.

Sound good? Great. I’m going to delve deeper into what the membership offers, but hey, if you already like the sound of it, then you can join right now!


What can the Dog Biz Collective Membership do for you?

First of all, it can help shift your headspace from “What if I can’t do this and this is too hard” to “I can do it and I’m going to boss it!” I’m talking about things like money, boundaries, client and trainer conflict, pricing, specialty, niche … basically, everything! If there’s anything you’re hesitant or worried about or you have doubts about something to do with your business then let’s work on it together.

While you’re a member, I will help you to take what you’re doing already and even things out so that you have a solid foundation on which to grow your business. There’s a marketing module, which I know a lot of trainers struggle with. While it’s not as in-depth as my 1-to-1 coaching 12-month program, it will give you the basics to get you started, grow or help to shift your priorities and get you started with the digital marketing side of things. I’m not a technical guru, but I can help get your head around most of it!

We look at your current rates and prices and how to figure out how much you should be charging for your time. Because you shouldn’t have to work for tiny scraps of money! You deserve more and you can raise your rates and not drive clients away. Trust me. We’ll look at all this and how and when is the right time to raise them (as well as how to figure out what you need to be charging!)

When it comes to the business must-haves and how-to’s, it can be a minefield, especially for any new dog trainers who are just starting out. Maybe you’ve already started your business but hadn’t really thought about the business side of things and now you’re facing all the shit like policies, procedures, packages, platforms, insurance and licenses and are like a deer caught in headlights. Fear not. I’ll help you through it and ensure you understand exactly what you’re doing and, more importantly, that you’re doing it correctly.

You may have been training dogs for a while, but maybe you’re brand new and need to know about the service set-up stuff. You’ll learn how to maximise your income while leveraging your time. For example, how to set up your 1-to-1 classes and group classes in a way that helps free up some of your time and makes you more money.

I’ll even talk about the importance of having a niche. What the hell even is that? Having your own special niche within the industry helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd and means you don’t have to work with every single client who comes along if you don’t want to. It means you can focus your marketing energy on those in your niche so you’re more likely to get a client conversion.

Plus, I also help you with loads more!

I have one rule though so listen up...

Once you’re a member, you have immediate access to my online community, which I run via Facebook. There, you’ll get to meet other dog trainers who are in a similar situation as you. Some may have been in the business a while and some may be brand new. The point is that everyone who joins my community wants to learn and grow their business.

And I have one hard and fast rule. And it’s important because I’ve seen it happen too many times when dog trainers basically attack each other for not having the same views/methods/way of doing things/being different.

Here’s a super scary fact I found out through an online vote: 80% of dog owners don’t fully trust dog trainers because of the inter-trainer fights that happen online.

How awful is that! It shouldn’t happen and I can guarantee you that it won’t happen in my online community. I’ve created this space to be able to learn and grow and become fucking awesome. There’s zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, derogatory terms, racism or anything else like that. One strike and you’re out.

Do you accept my rule? Cool! Then keep reading …

The Community

Thanks to the above rule, the community within the Dog Biz Collective Membership is one of a kind. It’s the perfect place to keep yourself accountable. You’re there to work through the modules, which include marketing, rates and prices, mindset, business must-haves, niching and all that good stuff and more. 

Once you’ve done your homework after completing the modules, you post your homework in the group for feedback from others and myself. There will be some live videos each month for you to join and bombard me with questions and talk about anything you’re still struggling with or need further clarification on.

Now, what I will say is that this membership is a small stepping stone up to a higher tier 12-month program that I created and run. This is more expensive and more detailed and you get 1-to-1 coaching directly from me and we completely revamp your business. If you’d like to learn more about this program then you can CLICK HERE

But the Dog Biz Collective Membership is the perfect place to start to fine-tune your business first and get your financial and time feet under you. There’s even a mini affiliate program where if you bring another dog trainer into the membership then you get money off your monthly fee, so if you introduce enough dog trainers, you’ll eventually get your membership completely free!

This membership is cheaper so you can get evened out and be able to work with me to learn how to make the big bucks (we're talking $170,000 annually minimum)!

Okay, so you might have just read that there’s a fee involved. So, let’s talk about that quickly.

Yes. There’s a fee.

No. It’s not a lot.

Yes. It’s worth it!

The Dog Biz Collective Membership is set at $54 per month or $588 per year.

And for that small fee, you get to learn how to do the following and more:

Set your own hours that work for you and your family and business. No more working evenings and weekends unless you want to! Plus, you can actually take holidays without having to worry about your clients and your business while you’re gone … because it will run itself!

Have the freedom to choose who you want to work with. No more taking on every client who comes your way. You can be selective and ensure you only work with those who you know fit into your specialist niche, which you’ll learn about in the membership.

You’ll have somewhere to go to access step-by-step advice and support whenever you need it and have help with all of those pesky moving pieces that come with running a business that maybe you’ve never even thought about before, or have no idea where to start with sorting them out.

Learn how and where the fuck to start with marketing. Who should you be marketing to? Where should you be marketing (quick tip: it’s not leaving a business card at your local vet practice because they have about fifteen thousand dog training business cards stacked up in their waiting rooms. Plus, vets are burnt out too and shouldn’t have to do your marketing for you).

You can work with more humans and their dogs without having to work harder and longer hours. In fact, you can learn how to work only 30 to 35 hours per week while making more than you thought was possible. I’m talking between $5,000 and $10,000 per month!

When it comes to mindset, you have to be tough in this business and willing to put yourself out there and have the confidence to handle any situation or any conflict that may arise with other trainers. Remember, in my community, there’s zero tolerance for this sort of unruly behaviour, but in the outside world, it does happen and you need to know how to handle it. I know it sounds scary, but trust me, I can help with that and ensure you have a set of rock-solid boundaries in place.

Plug any money and time holes so you can even out your business and create a solid and stable foundation on which to build in the future. You need to be able to breathe and know exactly how to move forwards and what your next steps are going to be (which is then the perfect time to move up to my high-tier blended 12-month coaching program!)

How does all that sound?

Let's talk about client success stories

This is probably my favorite part to talk about because I just love, love, love seeing my clients learn and grow and make money and be happy. Over the time working with me, my clients have learned how to adapt and build a business that works for them, pays them more than they could have expected and what they deserve, and gives them a life that they have wanted for so long, all within an industry that has changed massively and is fairly uncertain right now.

One of my clients has recently launched her blended program and brought in $15,000 in the first two days! She then solidified her income at $3750 a month for the next four months … and that’s guaranteed. She did this all from what she learned from me.

Another client sold a £12,000 program to a business that wanted to hire her for her dog training expertise. 

Another client replaced her husband's income in 3 months so that he could leave a job he hated to find a job he loved, even though it paid less.

And yet another client pitched (and sold!) her first $2000 training package (when she'd previously been charging only a few hundred dollars for the same thing) after only a few weeks in the membership.

Straight from the trainer's mouth:

"This (membership) is such a huge source of accountability and support, allowing me to make the changes I'm learning as I go so I'm actually seeing results."

"My mind is consistently blown with all of the really great information.

"I'm learning how to do all the things I was previously unsure of how to do, in manageable, bite sized chunks.

A Final Word From Me to You

I believe that every dog trainer should be able to have access to business coaching. It takes time to grow and learn and develop your business, but you have to be able to put in the work to start with. I can guarantee you that if you just meander (great word, right?) through your business and keep doing client-facing training classes and group classes and work with any and all clients who come your way, eventually you’ll burn out and fall out of love with the industry. It’s what happened to me. But I don’t want it to happen to you.

You can change your life and your business right now.

And all it takes is the click of a button and you're in and ready to go!