Hey, I'm Erin

I was a dog trainer for 13 years. I made every business mistake you can make.

I had a big facility, classes running 6 days a week, loads of private clients and a waitlist a mile long, “good” revenue coming in the doors and a 5 star rating on google…. And a bad case of burnout. 


I missed my friends, my family and my dogs because I was too busy working in my business to build a business.

I worked with anyone and everyone and I was miserable (because not all humans are good humans!)

I wasn’t making enough for the time I was spending and I needed a fucking vacation in the worst way. I was tapped out and feeling trapped. 


Maybe you can relate. 


It took some time but I learned how to:

  • Build an actual business - instead of an expensive hobby;
  • Make more money - to give myself and my dogs the life we want;
  • Find work/life balance - so I wasn’t always working… I didn’t want to be forever on a leash!
  • Fall back in love with dog training - so I could look forward to work again;
  • Reconnect with my people - because nobody is an island;
  • Grow as a person - because I was holding myself back.

I learned that 1 to 1s and group classes just weren’t going to cut it. They just weren’t. There’s only so much of me. Something had to give. 


I needed: 

  • A core offer that levels up client results (and includes an online component!) 
  • A sales and marketing strategy that isn’t sleazy or pushy
  • An understanding of my niche & what I do best
  • A reality check about what personal stuff was keeping me stuck 
  • An automated business where I didn’t have to do ALL THE THINGS
  • Support - why go it alone when you don’t have to? 


Most of all, I needed time with my dog. I bet you do too! 

Meet Piper

I lost Piper in April 2022. And I'm still learning how to be a person without her. And it has made me even more passionate about helping dog trainers set up businesses that work for THEM, because I was able to provide the life for her that she deserved, and spend the time I wanted to with her while she was here, as well as take the time I needed to grieve, without it impacting my business or financial stability.

This dog has literally saved my life and is the reason I'm where I am right now in business.

I started my dog walking business way back when, because I was tired of feeling guilty about leaving her home alone every day to go to a job that left me drained and unable to spend quality time with her.

I was so disconnected from what I needed and wanted, providing her gave me direction and purpose.

Providing her with safety and stability pushed me when I didn’t want to do hard things for myself. 

Piper is my heart dog. My soul dog. My one in a million.

She moved with me from South Africa, she's been through 2 marriages (and divorces), the start and build of 3 successful businesses, many house moves, all of the ups and downs in my entire adult life. 


Saying I love her hardly seems adequate, but it's the truth. Love in its purest, most unconditional, beautiful way.

She shaped who I am and how I help people by being the best canine support I could ever ask for. 


Do you have a dog you're working towards building a better life for?

Let’s take the business end of the leash together, to get you there!

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