Hey there dog trainer!


If you’re here, you’re probably tired of surviving when you could be thriving. 


  • Does your business run on referrals and 1 to 1s and leave you working too many days a week, too many hours, with too much time in your car and you’re still not breaking 6 figures? 
  • Do you wish things were different… not just different but better… but you don’t know what that could even look like? 
  • Is work-life balance a distant memory, your retirement plan fuzzy and are you feeling run off your feet? 

So often we get into this business because we want to help dogs and their humans and we do it without really understanding the business side of things.  


That’s fixable and nothing to be ashamed of. You led with your big, beautiful heart and now is the time where you figure out how to protect it and your financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing by finding a better way. 

It’s time to take the business end of the leash


Here’s the truth: It’s possible to work less, earn more and get better client results at the same time. When it comes to having a good business, enough money to live on and time freedom, you don’t have to settle just to do what you love. 


It’s time to stop chasing your tail and start taking charge of your business


You’re just not going to get there with group classes and 1 on 1 training. There’s a better way and you can do it - no settling required. 


You can find more time, more money, more control over your business. It’s going to take effort but you’ll have my support every step of the way…. and it’s so worth it. Are you ready to jump in? 



Hi, I'm Erin!

I was a dog trainer for 13 years. I made every business mistake you can make.

I had a big facility, classes running 6 days a week, loads of private clients and a waitlist a mile long, “good” revenue coming in the doors and a 5 star rating on google…. And a bad case of burnout. 


I missed my friends, my family and my dogs because I was too busy working in my business to build a business.

I worked with anyone and everyone and I was miserable (because not all humans are good humans!)

I wasn’t making enough for the time I was spending and I needed a fucking vacation in the worst way. I was tapped out and feeling trapped. 


Maybe you can relate. 


It took some time but I learned how to: 

  • Build an actual business - instead of an expensive hobby;
  • Make more money - to give myself and my dogs the life we want;
  • Find work/life balance - so I wasn’t always working… I didn’t want to be forever on a leash!
  • Fall back in love with dog training - so I could look forward to work again;
  • Reconnect with my people - because nobody is an island;
  • Grow as a person - because I was holding myself back.

I learned that 1 to 1s and group classes just weren’t going to cut it. They just weren’t. There’s only so much of me. Something had to give. 


I needed: 

  • A core offer that levels up client results (and includes an online component!) 
  • A sales and marketing strategy that isn’t sleazy or pushy
  • An understanding of my niche & what I do best
  • A reality check about what personal stuff was keeping me stuck 
  • An automated business where I didn’t have to do ALL THE THINGS
  • Support - why go it alone when you don’t have to? 


Most of all, I needed time with my dog. I bet you do too! 

Meet Piper

This dog has literally saved my life and is the reason I'm where I am right now in business.

I started my dog walking business way back when, because I was tired of feeling guilty about leaving her home alone every day to go to a job that left me drained and unable to spend quality time with her.

I was so disconnected from what I needed and wanted, providing her gave me direction and purpose.

Providing her with safety and stability pushed me when I didn’t want to do hard things for myself. 

Piper is my heart dog. My soul dog. My one in a million.

She moved with me from South Africa, she's been through 2 marriages (and divorces), the start and build of 3 successful businesses, many house moves, all of the ups and downs in my entire adult life. 


Saying I love her hardly seems adequate, but it's the truth. Love in its purest, most unconditional, beautiful way.

She shaped who I am and how I help people by being the best canine support I could ever ask for. 


Do you have a dog you're working towards building a better life for?

Let’s take the business end of the leash together, to get you there!

Find out how we can work together.

My Services


Picking a coach, figuring out whether someone is a good fit or even trying to figure out whether you NEED a coach (I'll give you a hint, you do!) can be a process.

If you're my favourite type of person, you want to hop on the phone and have a real live, no obligation conversation with me, so we can figure that all out together.

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