Are you ready to take the business end of the leash?

Join me in my Roadmap to Success for Dog Trainers, a twelve month journey to improve and transform your business and get your life back so you can do what you love in a sustainable way. 


Here’s what we cover: 


Your current business

We work together to make “heads and tails” of everything you already have on the go.  

And plan ahead for a long term sustainable, scalable business going forward.

Whether you have a business that you need to restructure, or are just starting out, or have a full time job and are wanting to make the leap into full time business owner, we focus on getting you from where you are to where you want to be.


Your Blended Program

We add an online component to your in person work so that even if the world shuts down, you can still do business without losing the human connection. Keep doing what you love no matter what - online, in person, whatever works for you and your people. Creating an online component makes the HUMAN learning easier, faster and more permanent which makes the dog learning easier, faster and more permanent. It also means your clients have multiple points of support when you are not available to them (because you're taking your down time and vacation time, right???)


Specialty & Niche

Your specialty is what you do, your niche is who you do it for.

We figure out your specialty and who you were meant to serve so you can feel stoked about your work again and get better clients and better client results.


Marketing & Sales

We help you learn how to connect with your ideal dog owners in a way that resonates (and converts!) and doesn't require you to be on social media eleventy billion hours a day.

Sales with ease (without the sleaze). A service based business is a sales business and we will teach you how to find and sell what makes you stand out without being pushy, scummy or sleazy about it.



I can give you all the business info in the world, but when your shit shows up, how do you navigate through it and do the things you need to do anyway?

Imposter syndrome, money mindset, worry about putting yourself out there in case other trainers jump all over you, your itty bitty shitty committee really loud about what you "can't" and "shouldn't" do. I give you the tools to challenge those and move through them to go and DO the things you want and need to do.

Are you ready to go?

Let's have a chat and see which of my programs is the best fit and let's get you set up for success.

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